01 September 2011



Babu, Palakkad said...

Hi Shaaji

Thanks for writing on Johnson Master. I strongly believe he was one of those music directors who established the real “MALAYALATHANIMA” in our Malayalam film songs. For example, the song “ kunnimani cheppu” from Ponmuttayidunna Tharavu will immediately bring in to your mind frames of an “ULNAADAN GRAMAM”. Also, the very fact that his route of creation of music was different from that of his guru Devarajan (except for the simplicity of tunes) itself establishes his creative talent.

I was spellbound listening to his BGM score for Thoovanathumbikal & Namukku parkkan munthirithoppukal. Both movies had solid romantic themes which were taken to new heights by the brilliant background score. Who can forget the horror Jhonson Master created using just one Veena in Manichithrathaazhu? I still remember the climax BGMs of Nokketha doorathu kannum nattu, Ennennum kannettante and Chithram – really exceptional!

Some more songs which I thought needed special mention, missing in your favorite list. All music lovers should cover these to get a feel of variety of music Master had created.

1.Paalazhi theeram – Uthaman
2.Nandasuthavara- Parvathi
3.Sundarippoovinu naanam-Ente upasana
4.Thumbappoovil, Saradachandrikayode- Anandanum Appukkuttanum Aanayundu
5.Manjadimani kondu- Aadharam
6.Mayamayooram-Vadakkunokki yanthram
7.Thooval vinnil-Thalanaya manthram
8.Iniyonnu padoo hrudayame,Ponnambili-Golanthara vartha
9.Oru Naal-Gulmohar
10.Paalazhi thirakalil-Chakoram
11.Poonthen kuliruravayil,Ullil Pookkum-Sooryan
12.Raja hamsame, Ragadevanum-Chamayam
16.Thingal thudukkumbol, Pradosha kumkumam-Santhanagopalam
17.Udayam Chamarangal-Saakshyam
18.Pin nilavo chandanamo-Pingami
19.Kanakam Mannin-Dr Pasupathi
20.Vellithingal-Meleparambil Aanveedu
21.Oru theeyalayil, Saarangi Maaril-Pavakoothu
22.Chaitra nilavinte-Oral Maathram
23.Madhu Chandrike-Sadaram
23.Pular veyilum-Angane oru avadhikkalathu
24.Mounathin Idanazhiyil, Swapnangal swapnam kaanum-Malootty
25.Kinavinte koodin, Mizhiyilenthe minni-Subhayathra
26.Sreerama namam-Narayam
27.Amruthum kulirum,Oro thaazhvaravum -Swanthamevide bandhamevide

There is no ‘death’ for Johnson Master’s creations…….Tributes to the great composer.

K B Babu

SHAJI said...

Famous singer G Venugopal writes about Johnsettan. If the link is not working copy and paste it in your browser window.

joseph augustine said...

hi shaji,

your cover story on johnson master's life, his unique contributions to malayalam film music was so demanding and imperative at the juncture of his unexpected sad demise.As you rightly said we have no hesitation to ignore or forget such a great composer who was the heartbeat of malayalam cinema for two or three decades. It is heart rending to see the treatment that the film industry meted out to such an amazingly talented musician who scored hundreds of memorable songs in malyalam cinema.I feel very sad to read, only death can bring
recognition and laurels to a person who had devoted his entire life for music. It is very common to see the media celebrating by means of giving a lot of coverage only on the painful passing away of such rarely talented personalities. I feel pity on such outright hypocricy.I believe that if he was recognized, respected & helped when he was in need or suffering especially at the fag end of his career, he would not have died like this at an young age of 58.

kudos ! your attempt to give light to his real life events and nature as a person who knows him personally may otherwise left untold .An innocent person who knows his works only and never compromised, imitated or stole works created by others.As you mentioned, he would have become a renowned music composer even in the international level if he was rightly placed.

I pay my real tributes to a genuine music maestro who will live in our hearts as long as music is here .

SHAJI said...

നന്ദി ബാബു, നന്ദി ജോസഫ്