29 August 2011

നാം കേൾക്കാതെപോയ സംഗീതം - ഫിലിപ് ഫ്രാൻസിസ്


Babu, Palakkad said...

Dear Shaji,

Very informative and well written. I have heard about Philip through some friends in Thrissur though I didn’t have an opportunity to see him in action.

Gazal, as rightly described in the article, has a very soft yet emotion filled format. I am totally in agreement with your view that a very few only could master this format of music.

Tributes to the great musician- Philip Francis!

The column is really justifying its title “Paattinappuram” by way of identifying some great musicians who were refused the colours of Glory and Fame.
Expecting more such soulful articles (who said an article can't have soul??)


SHAJI said...

നന്ദി ബാബു