21 July 2011

കണ്ണൂർ രാജൻ - മഹാനായ സംഗീതകാരൻ


Babu, Palakkad said...

Hi Shaaji,

I always believed that Kannur Rajan was a genuine music director. So surprising that our version on songs like “Enthinenne vilichu” and “Kinaavinte Kadavilu” are very much the same. I have always felt these songs had the undercurrent of deep emotions very pleasantly expressed through the melody. When such emotions trigger tears, you just wonder- on what basis you could classify them!

I have really meditated on his songs “ Neelambarappookkal Thoranam Charthunna” and “Adharam Madhuram Omalale” from Hrudayanjali during my teen age which are filled with fragrance of deep & emotional love. I have seldom had such a fulfillment listening to love songs composed by other music directors. There are two semi-classical songs which need special mention when you talk about the range and variety of songs he had composed- “Devi Nin roopam”-Kanyakumariyil Oru Kavitha and “Manasalola Maragatha varna”-Kingini.

It is also nice to see a comprehensive write-up on Kannur Rajan who has gifted bunch of great melodies to Malayalam Film Music.


SHAJI said...

നന്ദി ബാബു