01 June 2011

മലേഷ്യാ വാസുദേവൻ - മറക്കപ്പെട്ട മഹാ ഗായകൻ

Published in the May 21 Issue of Chandrika Aazhchappathippu


Anonymous said...

K V BABU Writes..

Hi Shaji

I was going through your Malasya Article yesterday –I could feel that the same had emerged from your soul, right from the word go. It is sad that Malasya too fell in the to trap of dirty film politics.

My schooling happened in interior towns like Mannarkkad and Ottappalam where I grew with music of Ilaiyaraja during late 70s and early 80s. I too had registered some gems of Malasya in my mind which probably were not analysed or comprehended too much at that point of time. At a later stage, I too was convinced WHY those got registered very strongly within myself during the days of childhood. It was so nostalgic to read through your entire write-up.

My tributes to the great singer!!

My favourites of Malasya :

1.Allithantha Bhoomi- Nandu (I think this is a masterpiece. Raja-Malasya combination at its best. The song BGMs are really haunting. Soulful singing of Malasya adds to the beauty of the song. The movie is about a guy getting cancer…The whole mood of the movie is DULL & SERIOUS…I am wondering who else other than malasya could have sung the song so beautifully!)
2.Neengatha Ennam-Vidiyum Varai Kathiru ( Brilliant –sweet duet)
3.Poove Ilaya Poove- Kozhi koovuthu (GEM)
4.Adi aadu poongodiye- Kaali ( Great combi with Raja- I grew with this song…..)
5.Vaan megangale-Puthiya Varppukal(Classic singing)
6.Thenkizhakku cheemayile-wonderful melody,brilliantly sung- THE MALE VOICE is really distinguishable
7.Malargale-Kizhakke pogum rayil(semi classical , sung so effortlessly)
9.Vaa vaa vasanthame-Puthukkavithai (Superb melody-natural singing)
10.Kodaikala katre-Panineer Pushpangal(Needs no explanation- it’s a masterpiece)
11.Aagaya Gangai-Dharmayudham(what a classy melody)
12.Poongatru thirumbuma-Muthal Maryadhai(Soulful singing-justice done to emotions carried by lyrics)
13.Ye rasathi- En uyir Thozhan (I don’t think any other voice would have made this song so lively)
14.Enna sugamana-Garjanai(Just for his voice…..)
15.Intha minini-Sigappu Rojakkal (No words…simply rocking song)
16.Kaalangal Mazhaikkalangal-Idhayathil Oru Idam(A brilliant Raja duet with Janaki)
17.Kovil Mani Osai-Kizhakke pogum rayil (Another brilliant melody with Janaki)
18.Kuyile Kuyile-Aan Paavam
19.Malaiyoram Mayile-Oruvar Vazhum Alayam(soft emotions of Kalyani established brilliantly)
20.Melatha mellathattu-Aruvadai naal
21.Nee Illatha pothu-Ilamaikkolam
22.Thangachangili-Thooral Ninnu pochu
23.Pothikkittu-Paayum Puli
24.Pothuvaga enmanasu-Murattu kaalai
25.Thanthen Thanthen-Villu pattukkaran
26.Thenmadhurai vaigai-Dharmathin Thalaivan
27.Vellamanam-Chinna veedu ( Again the MALE VOICE)


SHAJI said...

നന്ദി ബാബു